Frenemy Mine: Building Trust Between Colleagues
Vulnerability and Leadership

The Act of Rigorous Forgiving -

As I read this op-ed I immediately related it to the problem of trust and betrayal in the workplace. This "Act of Rigorous Forgiving" is something that needs to be taught and practiced in work settings since they are, in the best sense, a community. We all do things which destroy trust from time to time. We are all in need of forgiveness. Spend a few moments pondering Brooks note on "re-trust" found at the end of his article - As Martin Luther King Jr. said, trust doesn’t have to be immediate, but the wrong act is no longer a barrier to a relationship. The offender endures his season of shame and is better for it. The offended are free from mean emotions like vengeance and are uplifted when they offer kindness. The social fabric is repaired. Community solidarity is strengthened by the reunion.

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